Q: Are your cases good value for money? 

A: Yes, 1st Oakleigh Cases do not attempt to be the cheapest flight cases manufacturer, rather we aim to provide the right case for the job. We do not compromise on construction methods, quality or materials. The flight cases we design and manufacture will protect your equipment for an unlimited amount of travel. Indeed our cases invariably outlast the equipment.

Q: Can we have the cases in our corporate colours? 

A: Yes, our cases are frequently used to promote and enhance our customer's individual corporate image. We can generally match your corporate colour with a laminate which can be screen printed with your Corporate logo. 

Q: The equipment is very fragile and needs to be transported the right way up. Can you help? 

A: Yes, we can help on two fronts. We can screen print the panels of the case with the International signs for “this way up”. Also the case can be designed with a fully shock mounted inner case offering full protection to the most fragile equipment. For more information on shock mounted cases please speak to one of our specialist from the sales team.

Q: Do you make foam inserts? 

A: Yes, we cut all our foam inserts to custom requirements

Q: How can our Engineers present their collection of demonstration kit in a professional and attractive manner? 

A: At 1st Oakleigh Cases we are well used to solving this problem. Invariably the demonstration equipment consists of numerous strange shaped objects. We collect the kit together, talk to you, the customer and then design the case around the equipment.

Q: We need the cases tomorrow? 

A: For our Corporate Customers we do offer a package which meets their occasional demand for a case or cases within 24 hours. However, we do prefer more notice. As a general rule we quote within 24 hours and have lead times of 2/3 weeks. 

Q: How reliable are your cases? 

A: Our cases are extremely reliable. We have gathered many references over the years where our cases have been damaged in traffic, shipping or loading accidents. Without exception the instrument inside the case has been unscathed and able to continue its journey and perform at the other end. The case will have absorbed the impact of the fall and may well need to be returned to us to replace damaged corners, castors, or catches. We consider this to be all part of the Oakleigh Service. 

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